The HAAM rebrand entailed a revamping of the company called Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. As part of the rebrand, the three main points that my team member, Kendall Hanna, and I wanted to focus on were:
1) Inclusion of all musicians
2) The healthcare aspect
3) The unique environment that Austin provides

With that in mind, we created a new logo, choosing a font, colour scheme, and imagery that conveyed the message of music and health in one concise graphic. HAAM provides a great sense of community and very essential resources to the musicians here in Austin and we wanted that aspect to be especially highlighted in out rebranding. 
We also made touch-points that could potentially be used. The first one is a first aid kit that would be given out to new members who signed up for the services. It would include a bandaid box, a HAAM patch, a HAAM guitar pick, a HAAM T-shirt, noise cancelling headphones, and a membership card. The first aid kid box also doubles as a speaker which can be connected to any device with an aux cord.

The second touchpoint is a set of wheat-paste posters that publicize the artists who are using HAAM's services. This is also a great way for the artists to get their name out, especially if they are new to the music scene.

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