This is a digital typology of all the books I have read thus far in 2022. I began reading romance novels when I started teaching as a way to decompress. Some light reading to unwind before I nosedived into bed so I could rinse and repeat the next school day. 
Turns out I can speed through books so I thought I'd catalog all the books I've read and create Instagram story graphics so I can blurb some quick thoughts on the book for my book review account. I also used these graphics as a background for video reviews I post on Tiktok as well. 
As someone who loves color, I tend to be really indecisive when it comes to narrowing down a color scheme so I limited myself to simply using colors from the book covers themselves. The additional criteria was that the design should be visible to people who have varieties of color blindness and visual impairments. If the colors didn't allow for ample contrast, I ensured the overlaid text was in a contrasting color in Instagram itself.
Thus far I've read 130 books. This collection is missing a few books since I had the opportunity to read some early manuscripts that haven't been announced yet. Graphics were created in the Canva mobile app. Images were sourced from publisher and retail websites.
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