The intention of this project was to choose a quote and create iterations of it that conveyed diverse meanings through the visual choices outside of the words. My quote of choice was, “I don’t speak English.” 
My first interpretation of the quote was the language barrier between an English and non-English speaker, and the unwillingness to allow for easy communication. The poster is written in Hindi, and has a caption at the bottom, which, while in the Latin script, is not in a language that anyone who reads can understand. The colour scheme and language don’t convey a polite and compliant conversation partner, rather someone who doesn’t feel obligated to translate (if the other person isn’t willing to either). 
The second interpretation focuses more on the reserved and unsure speech patterns of someone who is new to English. The kerning, leading, missing letters, and overall uneven text formatting is supposed to showcase the pauses, stutters, and hesitation of someone saying the statement. The poster is more about sympathizing with someone who has a hard time with English instead of emphasizing or making fun of the accent. As a contrast to the first poster, the voice in this poster is of someone who is trying. 
The third poster is an extension of the second interpretation. It tries to tell a story for a cluster of sentences that make no sense together. I drew inspiration from my last poster that uses spacing and positioning to convey the tone of the sentence and from the book House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. The unsubtle jabs at mental health in this paragraph were used to create a page that sympathizes with the hindrances and impediments for people with those invisible illnesses and hardships. 
While the last poster worked with text and colour, I decided to remove the colour scheme that is harsh on the eyes, because the body of this poster is already hard to read. The poster works with the strange hush-hush stigma of people with mental illnesses, the tension between people who don’t attempt to understand these issues and someone who is being held back by misunderstandings.
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