In Redesigned Classics I chose to create book covers that were completely stripped of any kind of embellishment, and use only typography or and shapes and forms created by typography. I settled on classics because these books are most likely to be recognized by the majority of the population, therefore giving me the opportunity to play around with the title and author name while still retaining some semblance of recognition. 

1984 by George Orwell, for me, had an inherent tone of being constantly under surveillance, and an atmosphere of pseudo-modern and digital era, despite being written in 1949. Therefore I went with red, that played with the mood of anxiety and fear. The counters in the 8 were made into eyes, a literal translation of the emotion of being watched. 

With A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, I really experimented with the type. While playing around with creating complex shapes, I merged dozens of copies of the title to create the shapes seen on the cover. The cover became a typographic representation of the two cities mentioned in the book: London, Paris and the English Channel that divides the two cities.
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