This book consists of a handpicked selection of poems by Canadian poet, Rupi Kaur who is a prominent in the South-Asian diaspora community. Her poetry is very relevant to the lives and experiences of this community, of which I am a part. 
The book is organized in five spreads and the poems are categorized by the pull quote at the top of the page. The first spread consists of her bio (found on her website) and a poem about her mother who, based on my readings of her work, is the most important and influential person in her life. The subsequent spreads transition from one to another with the first and last poems relating to the theme of the spread before and after it respectively. 
The images that were taken from Rupi Kaur’s instagram page also reflect what the general theme of the poems on that spread are. I chose to use her photos instead of my own because of the disconnection there would be between the first spread and the rest of the book. In my opinion, the selection of poems, the layout, and my blurb on the last page sufficiently convey my connection to the subject I chose. 
All the poems, images, and biography description in this book have been used from Rupi Kaur' Milk and Honey, her instagram page, and her website biography respectively.
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