Working Woman is Nina Berenato's latest line of non-jewelry products that she has created for women who do hard hand labour. As part of a team of three, I helped create the initial hand imagery for the logo of this line in particular. Based on Nina's image board and personal aesthetic, I was able to come up with  imagery that evoked the sense of "handmade with grit" that she desired. 
The Working Woman tag was part of the packaging for soap she helped custom make. Initially we planned on having it screen printed but due to complications that idea was changed to a stamp instead. The shirt uses a different font to emulate the vintage aesthetic that the tag utilizes. 
Below are several iterations to the hand I worked on before we settled on the final. After we decided on which hand to use, my project partner, Tim Ramos,  added the circular and cactus motifs to create the logo. 
On the other hand, Tim and Nina decided on the font for Working Woman and handed that off to me to create the soap packaging stamp. 
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